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Creole Success Story
Creole Success Story

Creole Cuisine

Restaurant Group

Creole Cuisine Restaurant Group enlisted 5&5’s expert team to handle their massive online ordering implementation. Take a closer look at how 5&5 stepped in to help Creole Cuisine unlock new digital revenue channels.


Operating in NOLA since 1989, Creole Cuisine Restaurant Group is a family-owned hospitality group with 25+ unique restaurants, bars, and event venues in the French Quarter and beyond. For 35 years, Creole Cuisine has upheld an unwavering commitment to excellence across all aspects of their business. They are committed to guaranteeing that every one of their restaurant brands stays vibrant, inventive, and at the forefront of the hospitality and entertainment industries.


Areas of Support: Olo, Olo Engage, Olo Pay Implementation 

Impact: 19 restaurant concepts, 22 locations total 

Timeline to Completion: 9 months

The Challenge 

Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts had been relying solely on Doordash to enable its off-premise business, which was causing difficulties in operation and loss to the bottom line due to the exorbitant fees. Creole Cuisine understood the importance of adopting digital technologies to strategically position their restaurant portfolio for long-term success, and hence began exploring first party ordering options for their concepts.

It was clear the massive impact “owning” their own online ordering channel would have on the Creole guest experience and the brand’s bottom line – but arguably more important was the customer insights that first party data would unlock.

Creole faced limited resources and a lack of expertise in the technical areas they would need for such a massive undertaking; they needed a solution and a partner that could bring this potential to fruition. 


The Solution

Creole’s leadership realized the heavy lift and operational impact that an Olo implementation would have on its corporate team if left to handle solely on their own. 5&5 became an extension of Creole’s brand team by project managing and supporting the Olo Implementation, removing the burden of configurations, menu builds and testing from the corporate team’s plates so they could focus on core priorities and daily operations. 

Often, brands opt for a brand-by-brand rollout approach to alleviate the workload burden. While this strategy may assist brand teams in balancing critical rollout activities with daily activities and initiatives, it significantly restricts the timeframe for all brands to implement online ordering. The Creole team recognized that accelerating online ordering wouldn’t just have financial benefits; it would also position them favorably against competitors rapidly upgrading their tech stacks. 

With 19 restaurant brands to bring online, 5&5’s team of Olo specialists prioritized information intake. This strategy streamlined the initial onboarding phase, ensuring clean setup of Olo permissions, settings, and custom logins across the Creole Cuisine family of brands. 

5&5’s ability to ingest all of the critical brand information up front allowed the team to fully “own” the process of building out Olo menus for each restaurant concept, customizing item listings, and executing order flow and third-party testing. As a result, the Creole team only needed to be involved in upfront decisions, allowing 5&5 the autonomy to execute implementations and expedite the online integration of each brand with Olo.


The Results

5&5’s model and approach helped Creole Cuisine accelerate their online ordering presence exponentially. In doing so, the company was able to grow revenue by 50% YOY! Not only did Creole find significant value in 5&5 from the time saved in not fully owning this massive Online Ordering project, but their corporate team did not have to drown in the weeds of Olo implementation activities.

Services Provided
Strategy Consulting
Digital Implementation

Online Ordering Page

Online Ordering Page

Let’s start a conversation… 

5&5 can help support your brand with Olo implementations and other digital tech enhancements. Our team can create a thorough RFP if you are looking to switch to a new online ordering provider. We can assist with the implementation of the new online ordering channel, including onboarding, setup and configuration, building out menus & project management. We also can help take over the maintenance, programming & troubleshooting of your current system if you are having internal time, resource or knowledge constraints. Reach out today for a free consultation!

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Creole Cuisine Restaurant Group

Creole Cuisine Restaurant Group enlisted 5&5’s expert team to handle their massive online ordering implementation. Take a closer look at how 5&5 stepped in to help Creole Cuisine unlock new digital revenue channels.

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