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Enabling food service brands to grow in a digital future

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Trusted by the world's most well-known brands

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How we’ve impacted the food industry

Restaurant, treat, coffee, and c-store brands need to create a cohesive strategy that considers digital as a crucial part of developing a successful concept.

Driving over

in Digital Sales Annually


Brands &

From developing new concepts to supporting global restaurant chains

5&5 creates actionable and sustainable strategies to ensure continued brand growth in the digital business landscape.

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In an age where digital is no longer an option, but a necessity, brands are struggling to adapt.

  • Online ordering
  • Third-Party delivery
  • Mobile App
  • Community Management
  • Voice of Customer Initiatives
  • Website Design
  • Loyalty Program
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Brand Book
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Direct Mail
  • Paid Social
  • Copywriting
  • Public Relations
  • Business Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing

Digital channel sales are on pace to reach

over 30% of total sales
for US restaurants by 2025

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Now more than ever,

Restaurant, treat, coffee and c-store brands need to create a cohesive strategy that considers digital as a crucial part of developing a successful brand.

  • SaaS Implementation

    From online ordering and loyalty to customer experience platforms and custom front-end experiences, we work closely with the industry's best SaaS solutions to deliver scalable and brand-centered experiences for your customers.

    SaaS Implementation
  • SaaS/POS Management

    From customer relationship and social media management to product management and digital channel growth, we offer a variety of options to support your omnichannel marketing and operational needs.

    SaaS/POS Management
  • Strategy Consulting

    From core business and marketing to direct sales channel and loyalty strategy consulting, we work with brands to develop innovative, brand-centric approaches to capturing consumer share-of-stomache.

    Strategy Consulting
  • Marketing & Creative Services

    From graphic design and point-of-purchase signage to UX/UI design for web and mobile app, our wide range of creative solutions will allow you to visually represent your brand experience.

    Marketing & Creative Services

Interested in seeing how we can transform your brand?

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Our sole expertise is in food.

Our team’s experience includes over 15+ years of restaurant expertise, strategy and marketing roles within global brands, creative expertise at award-winning agencies and an extensive network to the industry’s leading software/solution companies.

See what some of our clients have to say

  • 5&5 set us on the right path

    To developing our mobile app, loyalty program, and online ordering platform in record time. They helped us make decisions quickly and accurately, based on industry best practice. We were up and running from start to finish in just a few short months. We could not have done it without them. I really, really recommend having them on the team to guide the process.

    Dar Vessghi

    Former CEO of Yoshinoya America

  • TGI Fridays had the absolute pleasure of working with 5&5

    On the implementation of our eCommerce solution. We hired 5&5 as one of the leading experts on the Olo platform and guiding TGI Fridays to a very successful launch. Their knowledge of not only Olo, but loyalty, proved equally extensive, which gave us confidence with our implementation and launch plan. I would highly recommend 5&5 if you’re looking to optimize digital ordering and integrations for your brand.

    Chris Hansen

    Former Senior Director of Digital at TGI Fridays

  • 5&5's technical experience and creative marketing expertise

    Makes their team a powerful asset for brands. During our project, we experienced the outbreak of Covid-19, Johnathan and his team went above and beyond to ensure the success of this project, even with the added challenge of operating during a pandemic. We highly recommend 5&5.

    Robert Lane

    Vice President of Marketing for Burger Lounge

  • Thank you to 5&5 for all of your help

    In ushering us through this process of supporting our digital transformation. Your direction was invaluable and enabled us to move fast and smart. Having a partner who has done this before was instrumental for flattening our learning curve and avoiding pitfalls. I would highly recommend 5&5.

    Sara Bittorf

    Chief Experience Officer at TGI Fridays

  • Servant leadership comes to mind on how 5&5 help our brands

    Not only did they bring their knowledge and expertise on what to do, they also did the work. This allowed us to get our digital channels live in an accelerated timeline with a smooth rollout. When issue came up, 5&5 provided solutions to the problems. We consider them part of the Jollibee family.

    Clinton Wu

    Vice President l Head of Digital Technology - North America for Jollibee Foods Corporation

  • 5&5 has been a tremendous partner to us

    Johnathan's knowledge of the restaurant industry, his experience with digital and one of the strongest work ethics I’ve ever seen, provide the perfect ingredients for a truly effective partner. 5&5's work has enabled our growth in the digital space and has allowed us to adapt to the ever-changing consumer landscape.

    Federico Valiente

    Former Senior Director of Marketing at Pollo Campero USA

  • 5&5 was an asset to the team

    They helped us streamline and launch our new digital sales & loyalty platforms, but also helped us to weather the impacts of the pandemic. We fared much better than many of our counterparts in the restaurant industry with their support.

    Blas Escarcega

    Director of Finance and Administration for Pollo Campero USA

  • Recently, we engaged 5&5 Restaurant Consulting

    On a multi-platform program that was to be completed in compressed timeframe. Over the course of these projects, 5&5 provided invaluable guidance, proactive recommendations, and impeccable follow-through with our vendor partners. Time and time again, Johnathan and 5&5 proved to be not only consultants, but true extensions of our core team. Over 30 years, I have had the good fortune to work for companies that employed services of the Big 5 consulting firms. 5&5 Restaurant Consulting, through Johnathan’s stewardship, outperformed them all. 5&5 displayed a mastery of both the technologies and their business application. I would consider it a privilege to collaborate with the 5&5 team again.

    Joseph Perez

    Director of Digital at TGI Fridays

  • During our Olo implementation project

    The 5&5 team provided the platform expertise, flawless project management, and executional excellence to ensure our launch was strategically thoughtful and swiftly completed. They’re a best in class partner both for launch and post-launch care.

    Nick Bedell

    Marketing Director for Jollibee USA

  • We worked with 5&5 during the pandemic

    To help us launch our new OLO program. They were always available to answer any questions we had and was engaged with our team on menu edits, transitions for menu and much more. It was such a joy to work with them and I would highly recommend their services! Stellar team and you won’t be disappointed.

    Bianca Puopolo

    Marketing Manager at Burger Lounge

  • Professionalism and personability mixed

    With a wide-ranging understanding of technology options and the operations within them led to our teaming up with 5&5 feeling like a true partnership. They dug in to understand the challenges that have been faced with bringing a smaller, heritage brand further along into the digital deep end that the industry has been racing to over the past decade, but particularly in the last few years. 5&5 brought ideas and suggestions tailored for our system that aided in identifying potential weak spots in our strategies while helping set the foundations for a clearer and cleaner process of engagement and upkeep. These very foundations will only serve to better our brand, the operators within it, and especially our customers as we continue this journey.

    Zachary Cooper

    Director of Special Projects

  • 5&5 has been an absolute lifesaver for our brand!

    They were able to come onboard incredibly quickly after an employee's departure and pick up all the loose ends immediately. They were able to rapidly determine the status of all our digital needs and provide thoughtful recommendations and solve immediate and critical issues. With the help of 5&5, we were able to resolve critical issues with our POS and OLO systems, manage a very complex integration between the two, and explore new options for future POS and OLO systems. 5&5 was able to help our brand open over 20 new locations and handle the complicated store digital set up. Additionally, 5&5 built and managed an incredibly robust loyalty system with 3-4 weekly emails sends per week to targeted lists. Above all though, it was the people at 5&5 who made all the difference. Everyone working with our brand was proactive, diligent, prompt, and incredibly friendly and kind. They all proved themselves experts in their fields and we thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone.

    Megan Oppelt

    Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Ike's Love & Sandwiches