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Taking Tibby’s Online!

Written by 5&5 Team | 14th February 2022

Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen is known for the New Orleans funk and very fun atmosphere. Their style is to be vibrant in their expressions and reflect a social gathering that feeds the soul. If you are in Central Florida or the Tampa area, Tibby’s is a must-try.

Tibby’s had partnered with 5&5 to add online ordering and catering services to their online experience before the holiday season so that the Tibby’s team could market these new channels to their customers. The fresh new site, powered by Olo, helped the team gather more revenue through online orders during December 2021 as well as increase their catering sales by making the process much more efficient for people to secure.

Now that the holiday season has passed, the Tibby’s team continues to use their online ordering services to highlight special promotions and add specialty limited-time offers like their Mardi Gras celebration menu. This digital channel has enabled the brand to be more effective in reaching their customers in a new way when they aren’t physically wanting to dine-in at a Tibby’s location