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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Overview: Our Culture 

Our culture at 5&5 is driven by our balance to support three Cultural tenants: People-First Policies, Personal and Career Development, and Company Growth. Through robust onboarding practices, well-structured systems of feedback, competitive compensation, raises, and benefits, and egoless leadership, 5&5 continues to strive to sustain a working culture that is inclusive of all our team member’s perspectives and continues to support the growth of our business. 


Overview: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At 5&5, we strive to create an inclusive, people-first working environment that prioritizes the mental and emotional well-being of our team members while fortifying our foundations to sustain that support as we continue to grow as a business. We have made a commitment to our team members that their person is just as important as their role, their personal interests are just as important as our professional expectations, and that 5&5 will, to the best of its ability, be a Company that prioritizes the voices and perspectives of all over the voices of a few. Finally, the most important component of our commitment to our teams is the promise to listen, learn, adapt, and endeavor toward a community and cultural practice that is representative of all those who work here.


DEI Details

Below are some current statistics and information about our Company’s community, cultural practices, and values. 

Team Demographics:

As of 2023 – 5&5 consists of team members in the following countries:

  • US: 35 team members
  • LATAM: 22 team members 
  • APAC: 11 team members 


Hiring Practices

As our Company continues to grow and we expand our regional team presence, it is our prerogative to sustain and intentionally refine our interview and screening processes. At 5&5, we believe that all people are different people, which informs our competency and value-based screening and hiring practices. We are not looking for the “right fit”, rather, we take into consideration a holistic, unbiased approach to each of our roles. 

  • Screening Cadence: For each open role, regardless of region, interested applicants are invited to a 4-stage interview process: 
    • People Operations Screening
    • Technical Assessment 
    • Manager Screening 
    • Team Screening
  • Eliminating Interviewing Biases: Our Company actively encourages communication about prospective candidates between all hiring representatives and hiring managers to ensure that team members are providing concrete, unbiased feedback that inform support for the candidate we hire, or the next steps for candidates who may seek opportunities elsewhere.
  • Screening Alignment: In order to prevent unintentional bias during any stage of our screening process – our team members and respective representatives and hiring managers ask candidates the same questions, provide the same technical assessments, and maintain appropriate guidance that prioritizes our goal to hire based on competency and compatibility.
  • Holistic Hiring: In an effort to safeguard our Company’s mission to be first, our hiring and selection processes consider any candidate as a whole, including their communication styles, preferences for learning, willingness to collaborate, and their empathy. 


5&5’s Inclusive Culture

From the moment an offer letter is signed and received, any candidate, now a team member, is part of the 5&5 community. Any new team member can communicate with their People Operations representative and their hiring manager at any time. From their first day, 5&5 team members are supported with a robust onboarding process, welcomed to join any and all engagement opportunities, and join our resource groups. 

  • 5&5 Company Values: All of our inclusion practices above are reflective of our Company values of Autonomy, Transparency, Initiative and Communication. We believe that in order to uphold these values to the best of our ability – it requires a collaborative approach between all team members and leadership rather than an individual expectation. These values inform all of our DEI practices and all of the policies in our Employee Handbook.
  • Moving Away from the Deficit Perspective: Our onboarding and growth culture is one that aims to shift the commonplace narrative that we may have experienced one time or another – shifting away from a cycle of blame to a system of support. The deficit perspective postulates that when a team member is having difficulty with meeting expectations, they are somehow to blame. At 5&5 – we believe that we must first look at our own processes and systems of support in order to provide constructive feedback for our team members to own their role.
  • Company Driven Engagement: As a remote company – our first barrier for engagement is geography. Therefore, 5&5 hosts a variety of engagement opportunities – on a Company level, a regional level (Latin America & the Philippines), and at the department level. These events serve as bonding opportunities for team members to get to know each other on a deeper level – within their departments and within the Company. These include activities to improve our mental health and wellness, activities to inspire knowledge transfers, and our annual Company Retreat.
  • 5&5 Resource Groups & Professional Development: In addition to our engagement activities, 5&5 also hosts professional development opportunities for our team members to further their career goals. These professional development opportunities are refreshed and curated specifically for our team members with our team member’s input so we can always provide relevant training and resources. Some of the trainings we have run in the past include:
    • SaaS Platform Knowledge Transfers
    • Psychological Safety in the Workplace 
    • Best Practices for Providing Feedback
  • Anonymous Engagement Surveys: Twice a year, 5&5 team members participate in anonymous engagement surveys centered around providing feedback on how we can better support our team members as a Company. Some of our survey topics include:
    • Work/life balance 
    • Job Roles and Expectations 
    • Regional Sentiment and DEI
  • Full 360 Performance Reviews and Feedback Culture: Our organization thrives on feedback, both praise and constructive. Using our People Management Platform, Lattice, we maintain a culture of 360 transparent feedback for all team members regardless of position or rank.


5&5’s DEI Goals 

DEI work is always a work in progress. As we continue to sustain our successful initiatives, and take direction from our team members to create new ones, here are some goals that we are hoping to achieve in the coming year! 

  • DEI Assembly: This assembly will be composed of volunteers in our non-leadership roles to advocate, align and propose benefits and practices that would create a more equitable and inclusive working environment.
  • Manager-Specific Trainings: As our team continues to grow and our team members step into new mentorship and manager roles, 5&5 is committed to providing team members with a structured approach or working with direct reports from different regions, understanding power in relation to organizational structure, providing feedback and more!
  • 5&5 Public Forum: As an extension of our anonymous engagement surveys, we hope to create a public listening session where 5&5 leadership responds to common sentiments shared on these surveys in an effort to create actionable steps for addressing these points. 


If you are interested to learn more about our DEI practices, please reach out to our People Operations team any time at When you join our team, we look forward to how you add your perspective and expertise!