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5ish Signs It’s Time to Switch POS Systems

Written by 5&5 Team | 17th October 2023

Choosing a new Point of Sale (POS) system is a choice that holds a lot of weight for businesses. The POS system you choose will not only impact how your operations will run in store, but also customer experience, integrations and data management. Often, brands hold on to outdated POS systems for far too long. So, when is the right time to switch? Do you need to switch, or, just update certain features of your current system? Here’s 6 red flags that it may be time to switch POS systems.

1. Outdated Technology

Technology evolves rapidly, and your POS system should keep up. If your current system lacks essential features like integration with modern payment methods, inventory management, or customer relationship management (CRM) tools, it’s a clear signal that you’re due for an upgrade. An up-to-date system is crucial for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

2. Scalability Issues

Business growth is the goal, but it can also expose the limitations of your current POS system. If your system can’t handle the increased volume or new requirements as your business expands, it’s time to consider a more scalable solution. Adaptable technology is essential for accommodating growth without delays.

3. Integration Challenges

In a tech-integrated world, seamless software interaction is vital. If your POS system doesn’t play well with other essential software such as accounting tools, eCommerce platforms, or loyalty programs, you’re likely facing manual workarounds and inefficiencies. For Legacy POS systems, the need to install and manage software agents on the local system can tax your equipment and IT team. Look for a system that can integrate harmoniously with your existing tech stack without becoming an IT burden.

4. Poor User Experience

Your employees are the backbone of your operations, and their efficiency relies on user-friendly tools. A complex interface or frequent glitches in your current POS system can hinder their performance and lead to frustration. A smooth and intuitive user experience should be a priority. Operators should not be troubleshooting old outdated hardware and software, they should be focused on their customers and employees.

5. Franchisee Adoption and Cost

Older POS systems often demand substantial upfront investments, creating a considerable financial burden for franchisees. This financial strain can limit their ability to adapt, innovate, and expand rapidly in a dynamic market. To ensure long-term success and competitiveness, franchised restaurant brands must explore ways to alleviate this burden, promoting a more agile and sustainable approach to expansion and operations.

6. Security Concerns

While security responsibility generally rests with the brand for legacy systems, it’s essential to highlight the heightened security liability that accompanies Windows-based legacy systems. These systems often lack the necessary support and updates, leaving them vulnerable to evolving cyber threats. To mitigate these risks, businesses should consider upgrading to more secure and up-to-date alternatives.

As you think about POS systems for your restaurant, keeping the future of dining in mind becomes a key factor in your decision-making. The choice to switch your POS provider is a big one, demanding thoughtful pondering. As your business flourishes and technology keeps evolving, it’s vital to evaluate whether your present POS system syncs well with your aspirations and objectives. Always remember, the ideal POS system isn’t merely a tool – it’s a strategic resource that fuels your business for prosperous times ahead.

5&5 can help support your brand in whatever phase of the POS lifecycle you are in. Our team can create a thorough RFP if you are looking to switch to a new provider. We can assist with the implementation of the new POS system, including building out the menu & project management. We also can help take over the maintenance, programming & troubleshooting of your current system if you are having internal time, resource or knowledge constraints. Reach out today for a free consultation!