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Our Team

A collage with hands holding puzzle pieces and a four scribble tiles spelling out the word 'team'
  • Tiffany smiling, riding down an escalator wearing a coat

    Tiffany Zhang

    Co-founder | Chief Creative Officer
  • Johnathan smiling against a wooden wall

    Johnathan Chen

    Co-founder | Chief Strategist
  • Phil Marr - Chief Technology Officer

    Phil Marr

    Partner | Chief Technology Officer
  • Marjorie - Senior UI/UX Designer

    Marjorie Saavedra

    Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Seth Burtis- Director of System Solutions

    Seth Burtis

    Director of System Solutions
  • Courtney Green - Associate Director of Implementations

    Courtney Green

    Associate Director of Implementations
  • Isabella Rodrigeuz - Project Management Lead

    Isabella Rodriguez

    Project Management Lead
  • Vincent Chen-Technical Strategist (Menu)

    Vincent Chen

    Technical Strategist (Menu)
  • Eric Padilla-System Solutions Senior Manager

    Eric Padilla

    System Solutions Senior Manager
  • Catherine Lacienski-Director of Brand Loyalty

    Catherine Lacienski

    Director of Brand Loyalty
  • Jacob Lopez-System Solutions Senior Manager

    Jacob Lopez

    System Solutions Senior Manager
  • Shae Grossman-Technical Lead (Menu)

    Shae Grossman

    Technical Lead (Menu)
  • Jeffrey Grohs-System Solutions Lead

    Jeffrey Grohs

    System Solutions Lead
  • Victor Quill-System Solutions Senior Specialist

    Victor Quill

    System Solutions Senior Specialist
  • Shiva Payne-Solutions Architect Lead

    Shiva Payne

    Solutions Architect Lead
  • Laxmi Manosca-Graphic Designer

    Laxmi Manosca

    Graphic Designer
  • Heather Norton-Customer Success Senior Manager

    Heather Norton

    Customer Success Senior Manager
  • Chance Koch-System Solutions Lead

    Chance Koch

    System Solutions Lead
  • Christian Zetino-System Solutions Junior Specialist

    Christian Zetino

    System Solutions Junior Specialist
  • Angela Lemus-Technical Solutions - Senior Specialist

    Angela Lemus

    Technical Solutions-Senior Specialist
  • Bryan Equite-System Solutions Specialist

    Bryan Equite

    System Solutions Specialist
  • David Claxton-Menu Strategy Specialist

    David Claxton

    Menu Strategy Specialist
  • Linda Huynh-Implementation Manager

    Linda Huynh

    Implementation Manager
  • James Carson- Systems Solutions Lead - Xenial/Xpient

    James Carson

    Systems Solutions Lead - Xenial/Xpient
  • Eddie Brim Jr-Technology Implementation Manager

    Eddie Brim Jr

    Technology Implementation Manager
  • Srikanth Srinivasan-Director of Talent & Development

    Srikanth Srinivasan

    Director of Talent & Development
  • Mario Román - Brand Support Specialist (Tier 1)

    Mario Román

    Brand Support Specialist (Tier 1)
  • Natali Equité - Brand Support Specialist (Tier 1)

    Natali Equité

    Brand Support Specialist (Tier 1)
  • Nick Olinger-Brand Support-Tier 1 Lead

    Nick Olinger

    Brand Support-Tier 1 Lead
  • Moises Mayen-System Solutions Specialist

    Moises Mayen

    System Solutions Specialist
  • Nicole Allinger-Technology Implementation Manager

    Nicole Allinger

    Technology Implementation Manager
  • Mieko Yamamoto-Implementations Specialist

    Mieko Yamamoto

    Implementations Specialist
  • Silvia Buchanan-System Solutions Manager

    Silvia Buchanan

    System Solutions Manager
  • Ashley Prieto-Customer Success Manager

    Ashley Prieto

    Customer Success Manager
  • Brooke Rowan-Loyalty Manager

    Brooke Rowan

    Loyalty Manager
  • Jose Zapeta-Brand Support Specialist (Tier 2)

    Jose Zapeta

    Brand Support Specialist (Tier 2)
  • Iván Pivaral-System Solutions Specialist

    Ivan Pivaral

    System Solutions Specialist
  • Hunter Reid - Customer Success Manager

    Hunter Reid

    Customer Success Manager
  • Anthony Sanders-System Solutions Manager

    Anthony Sanders

    System Solutions Manager
  •  Jose Lopez-System Solutions Specialist

    Jose Lopez

    System Solutions Specialist
  • Michaela Beeda-Project Manager

    Michaela Beeda

    Project Manager
  • Rita Flauto-HR Specialist

    Rita Flauto

    HR Specialist
  • Chelsea Schultz-Customer Success Manager

    Chelsea Schultz

    Customer Success Manager
  • Sarah Dirks-Director of Growth

    Sarah Dirks

    Director of Growth
  • Mary Mun-People Operations Manager

    Mary Mun

    People Operations Manager
  • Sheilalyn Telonio-Brand Support Specialist

    Sheilalyn Telonio

    Brand Support Specialist
  • Facundo Álvarez-System Solutions Specialist

    Facundo Álvarez

    System Solutions Specialist
  • John Marc Harry Luzano - System Solutions Specialist

    John Marc Harry Luzano

    System Solutions Specialist
  • Angel Aquill-AP & Payroll Specialist

    Angel Aquill

    AP & Payroll Specialist
  • Ilyssa Perez - Loyalty Senior Lead

    Ilyssa Perez

    Loyalty Senior Lead
  • Anthony Chitay-Graphic Designer

    Anthony Chitay

    Graphic Designer
  • Paula Diaz-Menu Specialist

    Paula Diaz

    Menu Specialist
  • Andrea del Cid-Executive Assistant

    Andrea del Cid

    Executive Assistant
  • Chris Angelo Dela Cruz-System Solutions Specialist

    Chris Angelo Dela Cruz

    System Solutions Specialist
  • José Miranda-Project Coordinator

    José Miranda

    Project Coordinator